Newmarket Osteopathic Clinic
18 Park Lane
Newmarket, CB8 8AX
tel: 01638 667282
Covid-19: Since the inception of another national Lockdown starting on the 6th January 2021, we have decided to close the practice until Covid infection rates drop substantially. This, in order to reduce the risk of infection to our patients and to ourselves.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

What do we treat?

Here at the Newmarket Osteopathic Clinic we treat a wide range of conditions. Age is no barrier, the youngest patient I have treated was 6 weeks old and the oldest 99 years old!

Please remember with all physical ailments it is important to seek advice and treatment within a few days. This will ensure a faster rate of recovery and reduce the likelihood of the condition becoming long term and "chronic". Improvement with treatment should occur quite quickly in most cases. Should this not happen I will advise which route to take next eg: referral to another healthcare practitioner/hospital, consultant/MRI scan etc.

Please see the menu on the left for more specific information about what we treat.